Your Backyard: Monarch Butterfly DVD


It’s another backyard excursion! Join siblings Taylor, Samuel and Grace, along with special guest Professor Solomon on a remarkable adventure of discovery, exploring the life and journey of God’s amazing Monarch butterfly.

Runtime: 60 minutes plus bonus footage



Enjoy vivid, close-up images of the remarkable 30-day transformation from egg to butterfly—from watching a tiny Monarch caterpillar eat its way out of its egg to the completion of metamorphosis.


Along the journey, you''ll enjoy meeting creation scientist Mr. Jules H. Poirier*, author of The Life & Adventures of Monica the Monarch and From Darkness to Light to Flight


Sprinkled with colorful animation, this engaging presentation on the “king of butterflies” is a fascinating creation journey of discovery for the entire family!


Bonus Features

The DVD includes more than 45 minutes of bonus features, including:

    • How to Raise Monarchs
    • How to Order Tags
    • Mr. Jules Poirier''s Testimony
    • Behind the Scenes
    • "About the Bottom Shelf"
    • Professor Solomon''s Quiz
    • Your Backyard Trailer
    • This is My Father''s World
    • Bloopers

*87-year-young Mr. Poirier is such a delight!  With a career that includes designing the radal pulse altimeter used in the Apollo 11 moon missions, Mr. Poirier''s fascination of the monarch''s incredible navigational ability led him to do extensive research, writing several books about the amazing monarch!


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