The Progressive Threat to the American Republic DVD/Booklet Combo

For well over a century, secular progressives in the United States have worked tirelessly to alter the very nature of our Republic. In all of the ways that count the most, they have very nearly succeeded. The Progressive Threat to the American Republic pinpoints the core principles of secular humanism and traces the way in which progressivism has reshaped the United States..

DVD: approximate runtime: 57 minutes
Booklet: 37 pages

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The Progressive Threat to the American Republic by Ed Vitagliano

Humanism as an ideology is the rejection of God and the elevation of man to the highest place on earth; and if humanism is the engine, then secular progressivism is the steering wheel.  It is a belief in the power of man - speifically unlimited government - to  "progress" or improve the world.  

Like an invasive virus, this new ideology - alien to our founding Fathers - spread throughout the bloodstream of American power in the early 1900s.  Progressive ideas captured not only law school - producing critical, progressive U.S. Supreme Court decisions by mid-century - but also many Christan seminaries. 

In this DVD/Booklet combo, Ed Vitagliano pinpoints the beliefs of this damaging ideology and how it has reshaped the very foundation of the United States. 



About the Author:

ED VITAGLIANO is executive vice president of American Family Association.  For 21 years, he has been a journalist for AFA Journal, the monthly publication for the American Family Association.  He is frequently heard on American Family Radio and has produced several video documentaries for AFA.  Hs is married and has two grown children.



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