The Pop Up Pastor by Kevin McHann

If you are in ministry, or desire to be, and find yourself trying to be everywhere, for everything, for everyone every time, you may be "The Pop Up Pastor".

This book is intended to help inform, lead, and encourage those either entering ministry or those who are struggling to find balance in ministry. It is designed to help ministers and leaders recognize the traps of overcommitting, lack of delegation, and people-pleasing snares.

Forward by AFA Senior Vice President, Buddy Smith.

(Soft cover, 124 pages)

Anyone who desires to be in ministry will confront the lifelong struggles of keeping balance in life, families, ministry, and more. The draw of people, their hurts, their pains, and their calls beckons the heart of a pastor.  However, how you keep your sanity in the process is crucial to your success.

Attempting to be everywhere, for everyone, every time is a commendable, yet dangerous, ambition.  Ministers, especially those who are new to the call, will benefit from the lessons found in The Pop-Up Pastor, rather than the ones from the School of Hard Knocks.


About the author:
Kevin McHann and his wife Angie currently serve as the children's pastors at Rose Heights Church in Tyler, Texas. He is the father of two sons and a daughter-in-love. Kevin writes musical productions as well as children's discipleship programs and devotions. 

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