The Fear of Money

By Dan Celia
Foreword by Dr. Woodrow Kroll
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The Fear of Money:
Have we Separated Finances from Faith?
Book by Dan Celia


"There is the fear of not making enough, the fear of losing it, perhaps the fear of whether we are investing it properly, or maybe the fear of not getting rid of our debt. Fear pervades most of our thoughts about money.”


Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

    • What if I don’t have enough money?


    • What if I lose my job?


    • What if I can’t provide?


    • What if I end up in poverty?

Dan Celia reminds us that God would certainly not want us to exclude Him from what He has given us. In The Fear of Money, Dan teaches the reader how to worry less, rely more on the Lord, and understand both practical and biblical solutions for the worries, fears, and even the desires we have for our money or lack thereof. It is time to look at our money not as the world would expect us to look at it, but rather to get our hearts right. This in turn will be a path to eliminating the pitfalls present to true joy and the success we can achieve in the management of the resources God gives us.


Dan Celia left the money management business where he managed ‘100’s of millions of dollars for individuals and institutions and now serves as President/CEO of Financial Issues Steward Ministries and is a Board member of the American Family Association. His radio ministry of fifteen years is a live call-in program six days a week heard on hundreds of Christian Stations across the country, helping God’s people make good decisions with what they have been blessed with. Dan says his partnership with American Family Association is the most meaningful partnership of his career as AFA is on the front lines of the culture war as they fight to restore the principles that America was founded on.


Book Release date: August 15th, 2012

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