Christian Handbook for Civic Engagement

UPDATED FOR 2020 with New Party Platforms

Compiled by AFA Action

This full-color booklet includes:
  • "The Christian's Role in Government"
  • The Bible and Constitution Chart from Stephen McDowell
  • iVoter Guide
  • Prayer for Government Leaders
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    The Progressive Threat to the American Republic DVD/Booklet Combo

    For well over a century, secular progressives in the United States have worked tirelessly to alter the very nature of our Republic. In all of the ways that count the most, they have very nearly succeeded. The Progressive Threat to the American Republic pinpoints the core principles of secular humanism and traces the way in which progressivism has reshaped the United States..

    DVD: approximate runtime: 57 minutes
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    Cultural Institute: Courageous Living For Turbulent Times with Dr. Ray Pritchard

    Daniel's Faith made him an outcast in Babylon's pagan culture.

    Christians can often feel ostracized in a society that has succumbed to the world, but Daniel shows us how we must live faithfully in order to survive. Full of history and prophecy, the book of Daniel reveals truths about the nature of God and His character.

    In this two-part edition of the AFA Cultural Institute, Dr. Ray Pritchard digs deeper into the life of Daniel and helps us recognize God’s ultimate plan and purpose for our lives.

    Session 1: Courageous Living In Turbulent Times
  • How God protected, prospered, and promoted Daniel
  • How to live outnumbered in the world
  • How to proclaim Christ in a pagan culture

    Session 2: What's In This Book?
  • History and prophesy in the book of Daniel
  • How God is sovereign and in control
  • How Daniel points us to Christ

    Total Approximate Runtime: 85 minutes
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