Stuck In Neutral by Cortney Westbrook

Stuck In Neutral is a Biblically-based self-help and personal development book. It teaches you how to put your life in the gear of drive by becoming the version of yourself who is capable of achieving success and living a full, happy life. These are the principles that took Cortney Westbrook from college dropout to award winning graphic designer, national radio host, published author and serial entrepreneur. If you take these principles of success and apply them to your life, it is guaranteed that you will be successful and fulfill your lifelong dreams. NOW is the time to live in drive! In this book you will learn how to: • Identify your gift and discover your purpose • Build success with "God-confidence" • Maximize your greatest asset – YOU • Use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow • Overcome fear, and more
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Author bio Cortney Westbrook is a husband, radio host, author and musician. He’s passionate about empowering people to fulfill their God-given purpose. Having started four companies and three businesses, he understands people and has made it his life’s work to serve others–so much so that he is beloved as “The People’s Entrepreneur.” Cortney is published author of two books, including self-help book Stuck In Neutral and music education book Beginners Guide to Music Theory. In his spare time he allows his passion for music to flourish. He has released five music projects with more to come. Cortney is also a national radio host and can be heard daily on Urban Family Talk, a radio division of American Family Association. For encouragement and motivation, catch him weekdays as host of “Up Together” and for unapologetic commentary on currents events, catch him on Urban Family’s morning show, “Airing the Addisons.” Cortney’s vision in life is to motivate and inspire people to live life to its fullest. His favorite quote is “Let’s make it better by living in drive together!”

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