Shedding Light on His Dark Materials Book

Shedding Light on His Dark Materials: Exploring Hidden Spiritual Themes in Philip Pullman's Popular Series

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Authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware team up in a study of Philip Pullman's popular His Dark Materials fantasy series. Unlike authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, Pullman writes from an intentionally anti-Christian perspective. As the authors explore Pullman's themes, characters, and charges against Christianity, they ultimately conclude that though Pullman intended to do just the opposite, he has created a cosmos that seems to confirm the existence of a loving God—one where truth wins out over deception, grace trumps the virtue of self-reliance, and relationship is prized above independence.
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Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware team up in this book to shed light on Phillip Pullman’s children’s fantasy series that is selling in the millions. Kurt and Jim discuss the themes in Pullman’s series such as deception, other worlds, church history, authority, science and religion, new-age cosmic oneness, angels and demons. Kurt and Jim’s book written to equip people to understand Pullman’s mythical world and his intentionally antagonistic perspective on Christianity, is a must read!
This book is a must for church libraries, every concerned parent and grandparent.
Authors: Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware
Publisher: Tyndale House
Pages: 128
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