Ryan Defrates

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Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 9: The Web of Lies

Ryan faces an evil computer genius who tries to trap an entire town and learns an important lesson about telling the truth.

Gigahert tries to trap the entire town in a sticky web spread by his robotic super spider so he can force everyone to watch his polka music videos. Meanwhile, Ryan is caught in a web of his own when he lies about going to the dentist. Will telling the truth be enough to save Ryan and untangle the town?

Key Theme: Truthfulness – God expects us to tell the truth.

Approximately 25 minutes; Recommended for ages 6-12

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Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 10: The Strawberry Shrink Ray DVD

Ryan gets hit by a shrink ray at the zoo and learns that unkind words make a person feel small, but encouraging words build others up!

When animals start to disappear at the local zoo, Ryan and his mom are called in to investigate only to be zapped by a mysterious shrink ray that makes them the size of a pecan! Discovering that Bucktooth Becky and her ninja chickens are behind the trouble, miniature Ryan and his mom must work together if they are to reach the shrink ray, return to normal size and save the zoo!

Key Theme: Encouraging Others – Words have the power to build people up or tear them down.

Approximately 25 minutes; Recommended for ages 6-12

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 11: The Robot Recital DVD

Ryan faces a retired piano teacher and her robotic instrument army and learns the importance of diligence and hard work.

After years of students refusing to practice, an embittered piano teacher finally snaps. She has created an army of robotic instruments programmed to destroy all bad music! Meanwhile, Ryan – a piano playing dropout – must learn to work diligently no matter how tedious the task if he's to reprogram the army and save the day!

Key Theme: Diligence – God wants us to put our whole heart into everything we do.

Approximately 25 minutes; Recommended for ages 6-12

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 12: The Candy World Crash DVD

Ryan goes into a world made completely out of candy and learns the importance of self-control.

Granny and her boys are cooking up trouble! They’ve created a tasty town made entirely out of candy! You can swim in Jellybean Bay, sled down Ice Cream Sundae Hill or eat one of the many gumball trees. But don’t eat too much or you might get trapped in Candy World for good! Granny’s “special recipe” contains a secret formula that is as dangerous as it is delicious. Ryan and his mom must learn to practice self-control if they are to stop Granny and save the people of Candy World!

Key Theme: Self-Control –God's power helps us say no to temptation.

Approximate Runtime: 25 minutes