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Cultural Institute: Parenting Through Proper Discipline with John Rosemond

  • The Rules of Consequences
  • How to get permanent results from discipline
  • How to deal with a difficult child
  • Discussion questions included.

    approximate runtime: 37 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Preparing Your Children for the Transgender Revolution with Tom Gilson

    In this AFA Cultural Institute DVD, Christian author and apologist Tom Gilson explains what parents need to know and what children need to hear about the transgender revolution. The one-hour presentation equips parents with the knowledge they need to confidently address the issue with grace and truth.
    Quantities of 5 or more are $5.00 each.

    DVD; Approximate Runtime: 60 minutes

    Please note: Free shipping applies to this item only. Other items included in the order will be charged shipping.
    As low as $5.00

    Cultural Institute: Race in America with Dr. Alveda King

    Race in America with Dr. Alveda King
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Surviving Government Economic Policies with Dan Celia

    When it comes to the economy, our government seems to be out of control. The national debt is through the roof, there is no accountability for governmental spending, and no one has any idea what consequences we’re facing as a nation. In this helpful talk, Dan Celia outlines the failed government policies that brought us to this point and how we as Christians can get out and engage the culture to change its course for good.

    This disc includes:
  • A detailed explanation of our economic problem
  • An outline of failed government policies
  • A call to action for Christians to step up and make their voice heard

    Approximate Runtime: 80 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: The Bible and Homosexuality Series by Dr. Robert Gagnon

    There is great disagreement within the modern Church on how important the Bible is to an understanding of homosexuality. In these two videos, Dr. Robert Gagnon examined the foundational issues and texts that should form the basis of a Christian’s approach to the issue and explores the Creation narrative and reveals the moral bedrock of marriage and sexual ethics.

    Volume 1: Interpreting the Scripture
  • The role of the Bible in responding to homosexual behavior.
  • The key passages that determine sexual ethics.
  • The motivation of love in proclaiming truth to the world.

    Volume 2: Creation and Sexual Ethics
  • The sacred architecture in human sexuality
  • The Image of God expressed in male/female distinctives
  • The foundation for marriage in Creation

    Volume 1: approximate runtime: 95 minutes
    Volume 2: approximate runtime: 101 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: The Problem with Child Psychology by John Rosemond

    Cultural Institute: The Problem with Child Psychology with John Rosemond John Rosemond offers a fresh view of the family and the roles of parents. While revisiting "old-fashioned" methods of child rearing and offering new ideas, Rosemond shows that parenting is really all about teaching children to think properly.

  • The fundamental, biblical principles of parenting
  • How to parent together as husband and wife
  • Encouragement for the weary parent
  • Discussion questions included.

    approximate runtime: 48 minutes
  • As low as $3.99