#Number6 Wristbands

The #Number6 Wristbands are sold in packs of 5.

"Thou shalt not kill."
Exodus 20:13

The symptoms of cultural decay are everywhere: millions of abortions; the embrace of sexual immortality and perversion; the shattering marriages and families – all the results of a century-long war against God.

AFA is determined to each our children and encourage their generation to seek God. Part of that effort is to promote the clear message of the sixth commandment: You shall not murder. That’s why we’ve created the “#Number6” wristbands.

As you wear this wristband, look for opportunities to express that:
  • Innocent human life is precious because we are made in God’s image.
  • Obeying God’s commandments makes for a safer and more civil society in which all people can flourish.

    “While the country is discussing gun control laws, our communities, especially
    our young people and educators, should be challenged to consider why innocent
    human life is precious, and why murder is a crime that earns the most severe
    punishment the law allows.”

    Tim Wildmon, AFA President

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