Into the Night

Into the Night: The Crisis of Western Civilization

An in-depth thesis of Christianity and the Western Civilization.

Hardcover: 900 pages

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Into the Night is a powerful, unflinching review of Western civilization’s pilgrimage into a new Dark Age. Exhaustively researched, meticulously written, and panoramic in scope, it merges impressive scholarship with astonishing and original insights forged in daunting, real-world experience. History’s greatest historians and sociologists—Arnold Toynbee, Pitirim Sorokin, Christopher Dawson, and Oswald Spengler among them—are deployed as intellectual cannonade. Ivy Scarborough draws on diverse skills and extraordinary, far-ranging experiences from the perspectives of eight war zones, university professor of international studies, history and political science, commentator, and lawyer to put these scholars’ views into the context of twenty-first century events and our culture.

Into the Night | Ivy Scarborough from AFA Video on Vimeo.


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