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I Wonder What Noah Did With the Woodpeckers

By Tim Wildmon Available in Softback book, Audio CD, and eBook.

I Wonder What Noah Did With the Woodpeckers
Tales from the Far Side of Christian Life 
by Tim Wildmon


In the everyday of the really unusual, Tim Wildmon can find intrigue, humor, and spiritual application. From a self-professed Mississippi redneck (but one of depth and sophistication) comes a tremendous collection of stories sure to make you smile, laugh, stop, and ponder.


This down-home Christian humorist addresses the “terrible twos,” in-laws, marriage, and lest he forget, his church family as well. If that all sounds too serious, Tim also shares thoughts on sports (his beloved 1971 St. Louis Cardinals), entertainment (including psychic hotlines), and fishing (“Big Bite Catfish Dough” is not for human consumption).


Amidst all the fun is some serious thought, though. Can we learn to better love God and serve our fellow man by pausing to contemplate everyday events? Perhaps there are lessons in each episode of our lives—golden nuggets of truth that can be mined when, at wit’s end, we are left to wonder what DID Noah do with the woodpeckers?




“Funny, thought-provoking, insightful...” - Zig Ziglar


“The hilarious, the ordinary, and the supernatural can conspire to make life worth living. Don’t buy one copy of this book. Buy a few dozen. Your friends will be glad you did.”  - Phil Callaway, Author and Editor of Servant magazine.


Chapter Titles
Chapter 1:  Love Must Be Show and Tell
Chapter 2:  Direction Makes a Difference
Chapter 3:  Exact Change Only
Chapter 4:  Career Decisions
Chapter 5:  Something Fishy
Chapter 6:  Backwards Grace
Chapter 7:  Pachyderms and Principles
Chapter 8:  Fish for Thought
Chapter 9:  Forever Together
Chapter 10: Armpit Robbery
Chapter 11: Of Fathers and Children
Chapter 12: Alvin and Henry
Chapter 13: Not for Human Consumption
Chapter 14: It''s a Wonderful Life
Chapter 15: Called to Compassion
Chapter 16: Brownie Points

Chapter 17: Psychic Police
Chapter 18: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Chapter 19: Don''t Look at Me
Chapter 20: White Line in the Storm
Chapter 21: Are We Having Fun Yet Dad?
Chapter 22: Life Is but a Vapor
Chapter 23: Cosmo Woes
Chapter 24: Through the Generations
Chapter 25: Canterbury''s Biggest Tale
Chapter 26: Headaches of the Stomach
Chapter 27: Can We Freeze-Frame?
Chapter 28: Afterthoughts
Chapter 29: About the Author 



Available in Softback book, Audio CD, and eBook.

Picture of I Wonder What Noah Did With the Woodpeckers Softback Book
I Wonder What Noah Did With the Woodpeckers Softback Book
By Tim Wildmon.
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