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Explore The Wildlife Kingdom: LIONS DVD

In this fantastic setting you''ll witness adolescents learning the art of hunting; the introduction of newborn cubs to the pride; and the struggle for survival during the dry season.
$17.95 $10.99

Explore The Wildlife Kingdom: WILDEBEEST DVD

Baron Hugo van Lawick who has made the Serengeti his home for over 25 years, has filmed this remarkable epic of survival - the greatest migration of land animals on the planet - in vivid, riveting detail.
$17.95 $10.99

Exploring America's Musical Heritage DVD Set

From Puritans and Native Americans; through the founders and pioneers; to the immigrants of Ellis Island and today’s newcomers, Americans have used music, paintings, poetry, dance and architecture to express the essence of life in America.


Fathers of Vision DVD Set

As our speakers equip fathers with the vision to be who God called them to be, mothers and children will simultaneously learn how to support one another toward this vision.

God & the History of Art with Barry Stebbing DVD

In God and the History of Art; a 12-part series on DVD, Barry Stebbing journeys through the centuries offering biblical insights into the great art and artists of the ages.

Intermediate Drawing with Barry Stebbing DVD

Learning to draw can be fun and easy in this DVD collection from artist Barry Stebbing.