Flame On DVD

A True Story of Hope in the Midst of Great Personal Tragedy
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Flame On DVD


A True Story of Hope in the Midst of Great Personal Tragedy



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How would you react when tragedy strikes? Would your faith in an all loving God waver? Would you turn your back on the Lord? Flame On was filmed just months after the extreme loss of a loved one, and follows the Jasper family through the true heart wrenching and faith stretching question of "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?" Watch and marvel at how a strong Christian family deals with the emotions of shock, loss and grief from a Biblical perspective.


Flame On illustrates the struggle between the sovereignty of God and human responsibility while examining how faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can take you from the very bottom of despair to victory through tragedy. Flame On is a ''must see'' for those grieving the loss of a loved one and will leave you with the peaceful knowledge that we serve a gracious, loving God who gives us light through the dark moments of life.


"There are no words to describe how we hurt," says J.J. Jasper. "But God''s sovereignty and His character do not change. He is still a good God. We knew that intellectually and now we know it experientially."




Runtime: Approx. 40 minutes
Closed Captioning:  Yes


16 x 9 widescreen


For more information visit: www.FlameOn.net




J.J. and Melanie Jasper wish to provide this DVD free of charge as a ministering tool. The Jaspers have established the Flame On Cooper Jasper Memorial Fundto the Glory of God and in honor and memory of Cooper.  The fund will be used for Charitable, Religious or Educational purposes.  To make a gift to this fund, include an additional donation at the shopping cart page and all donations associated with Flame Onorders will be directed to the Flame On Cooper Jasper Memorial Fund.

Flame On earns 5 out of 5 Doves from the Dove Foundation and recommends this film for all ages. Read about it here.

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