First Love CD by Dennis Jernigan

16-track Worship CD by Dennis Jernigan

First Love is a new collection of 16 intimate songs of worship from Dennis Jernigan recorded at American Family Studios. In Addition to six new songs, the album highlights some of the first songs used in his public ministry. He describes this collection as a return to his first love--Jesus. Featuring just Dennis and a piano, First Love is simple, intimate, raw, heartfelt worship.

Gifted worship leader Dennis Jernigan’s songs are sung around the world. Familiar titles include, You Are My All in All, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, and Thank You, Lord. Having walked in freedom from a former homosexual identity since November 7, 1981, Jernigan takes great joy in sharing the grace and love of God with any who desire freedom from addictions, and in encouraging others to embrace their true identity in Christ.

Track List:

1. First Love

2. Who Can Satisfy My Soul

3. We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory

4. Faithful and True

5. Passionate Obsession

6. I Stand Amazed

7. If I Could Just Sit With You Awhile

8. Your Love is Too Pure

9. Redeemer

10. I Need to Know You

11. You Are My Life

12. Just Keep Breathing

13. When the Night is Falling

14. Thank You, Lord

15. You Are My All in All

16. I Lay Me Down

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