Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible by Lisette Bassett-Brody

Etched in Stone is a quick, easy guide to archeological proofs to bolster one’s faith and encourage believers of all ages.

Paperback, 272 pages
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Christians are under attack like never before. “The Bible is just a fairytale.” “There is no physical evidence to support any of it!” This is the kind of fire today’s Christians come under all the time.

Where is the physical proof?  Isn’t there anything out there that objectively corroborates the stories of the Bible? Christianity is certainly based on faith, but haven’t you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have something tangible to back up your faith? That is what Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible is all about.
Etched in Stone showcases 70 archeological discoveries that prove the Bible is historically accurate and that Christianity is much more than just blind faith. Complete with full-color photographs, maps, and a glossary, there is hard evidence to equip you to make a case to your friends and neighbors that the events in the Bible really happened. Now you can have something tangible to show that:

•        The Israelites in Egypt really did have to make bricks without straw.
•        Jericho really was destroyed when the walls fell down.
•        King David really did exist.
•        Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t just a made-up king.
•        The Philistines really were the Israelites’ foes.
•        Pontius Pilate really was the Roman prefect in Israel at the time of Jesus.
•        And much more.


Etched in Stone offers the reader a clear, concise summary of the biblical events surrounding each artifact. The maps in the back of the book show where in the world the artifact was discovered. You will begin to realize that the stories of the Bible are neither fictional nor allegorical. Instead, they are historical and factual events which occurred in real time and in real places. It gives you something to point to that displays a portion of the physical evidence that God, in His wisdom, chose to leave behind.

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