Destiny at Dawn Book

Written by Allen Wildmon
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Destiny at Dawn
Written by Allen Wildmon


The novel is a story about two friends in love with the same woman. One is accused of murdering the other at a social function and the trial which follows. The setting is small town America in the late ''40s and early ''50s. It reveals an impartial look at the personalities behind the screen in the small, southern town of Cotton City, Mississippi; their values and vices — each one’s reputations in the light of day and their real character human weaknesses in the shadows of night. The novel also tells the story of the town-drunk wife abuser, an alcoholic businessman, the highly successful county-lawyer, a porn-addicted contractor, a beloved alcoholic town doctor, a city mayor and county sheriff—whose politics come before policing — and a much loved country preacher.


260 pages
Released September 26, 2012


Allen Wildmon was born to poor cotton farmers in the rural hills of Tippah County of North Mississippi in the 50s, 40 miles from Oxford and 95 miles from Memphis. Wildmon finished high school in Ripley, Mississippi, a small country town and worked his way through Mississippi State University. After graduation, he spent 35 years as a self-employed insurance salesman and in public relations. He lives with his wife, Mickey, in Hernando, Mississippi.  Allen is the brother of American Family Association founder Don Wildmon.

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