Cultural Institute

The AFA Cultural Institute is a library of video resources desiged to inspire families, groups and individuals to grow in a biblical understanding of the most important issues of our day.

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Cultural Institute: The Progressive Threat to the American Republic DVD

For well over a century, secular progressives in the United States have worked tirelessly to alter the very nature of our Republic. In all of the ways that count the most, they have very nearly succeeded. The Progressive Threat to the American Republic pinpoints the core principles of secular humanism and traces the way in which progressivism has reshaped the United States.

DVD: approximate runtime: 57 minutes
As low as $5.00

Cultural Institute: The Reliability of the New Testament with Dr. James White

Today’s academic scene is, at best, dubious concerning the New Testament and its authenticity. Even many Christians struggle with doubts about the infallibility of the Word of God. Author and professor Dr. James White invites you to listen as he lays out a definitive argument for the New Testament. Examining the honest questions concerning the ancient text, he offers sound answers as well as points on how to best present these answers to a doubtful world.

  • Secularists’ main arguments against the New Testament
  • Answers about seeming inconsistencies between different manuscripts of the New Testament
  • What a Christian needs to know in order to defend the integrity of the New Testament.

    approximate runtime: 69 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: The Seasons of Parenting with John Rosemond

    It can be a temptation for many parents to substitute a friendly relationship with their children over one of proper authority.

    A misunderstanding of the seasons of parenting can lead to unnecessary difficulties in the home. In this video, John Rosemond demonstrates how a proper relationship between a parent and their child, along with proper parenting and discipline, serves two great purposes; it honors God and benefits society.

  • Overview of the seasons of parenting
  • The two main purposes of raising children
  • How to properly lead your children
  • Discussion questions included.

    approximate runtime: 69 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Dr. Joe McKeever's Grief Series

    In these two volumes, Joe McKeever candidly shares his journey through grief following the death of his wife and provides practical advice for reaching out to those who are grieving.

    Volume 1: Living with Grief – A Widower's Journey (runtime: 41 minutes)
    Volume 2: Beyond Good Intentions – How to Help the Greiving (runtime: 42 minutes)

    Volumes sold separately.
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Financial Preparation for Uncertain Times with Dan Celia

    We live in uncertain times. As stewards of the gifts God has given us we need to know how to navigate these unstable economic waters. In Financial Preparation for Uncertain Times, Dan Celia shares wisdom dealing with uncertainty, as he draws from past experiences, a wealth of knowledge, and Scriptures to encourage and comfort.

    This product includes:
  • A biblical view of wealth and the economy
  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • Helpful tips on how to prepare for the future

    Approximate Runtime: 46 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Race in America with Dr. Alveda King

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when all humanity would live as brothers, regardless of ethnicity.

    Although our nation has made great progress towards this goal, there is still more work to do. Dr. Alveda King shares her experience as a young activist during the ‘60s and applies the legacy of her uncle to the current racial climate. In this insightful talk, she challenges us to seek out peace with each other and build the future in the foundation of the Scriptures.

    Subjects included:
  • A critique of the modern civil rights movement
  • The fallacy behind racism
  • Little known revelations of the King family
  • Bonus Q&A with Dr. Alveda King

    Runtime: Approximately 45 minutes
  • As low as $3.99