Cultural Institute

The AFA Cultural Institute is a library of video resources desiged to inspire families, groups and individuals to grow in a biblical understanding of the most important issues of our day.

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Cultural Institute: Surviving Government Economic Policies with Dan Celia

When it comes to the economy, our government seems to be out of control. The national debt is through the roof, there is no accountability for governmental spending, and no one has any idea what consequences we’re facing as a nation. In this helpful talk, Dan Celia outlines the failed government policies that brought us to this point and how we as Christians can get out and engage the culture to change its course for good.

This disc includes:
  • A detailed explanation of our economic problem
  • An outline of failed government policies
  • A call to action for Christians to step up and make their voice heard
  • As low as $3.99

    Financial Preparation for Uncertain Times On Demand

    Why wait for a copy of the DVD when you can watch it now? With On Demand, you have unlimited access to this video for seven days after you begin watching it. Available on any computer or device.

    Cultural Institute: Choosing Good Leaders for Tough Times with Ken Cuccinelli

    Decades of political gridlock have left conservatives frustrated over the lack of real progress in reducing the size and influence of government in American society. The problem lies not in the ability of leaders to effect change, but in the very leaders themselves.

    In this 2-session DVD from AFA's Cultural Institute, Ken Cuccinelli sets forth the qualities necessary for any leadership position - political or otherwise - and discusses the looming obstacles that face America in the years to come.

    Total Runtime: approx. 62 minutes
    As low as $5.00