Cultural Institute: The Freedom of Sexual Purity DVD with Dr. Michael Brown

An untold number of lives have been ruined through the lies of the sexual revolution. What was promised as freedom has turned out to be a new kind of bondage.

DVD: approximate runtime: 30 minutes

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The Freedom of Sexual Purity - In this video, Dr. Michael Brown shows why the promises of the sexual revolution will never satisfy the human heart. He challenges men and women to consider the destructive consequences of their actions and offers hope for those trapped in the downward spiral of sexual immorality


The Freedom of Sexual Purity


In this session you will learn about:

  • Benefits of sexual purity
  • Biblical view of intimacy
  • How to resist temptation


Dr. Michael Brown - President and professor of practical theology at Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism School of Ministry, brings clarity and insight to the Christian in contemporary culture issue.  The FIRE ministry offers a leadership training institute that equips leaders to have greater impact for the gospel.  He is the author of 27 books and holds a Ph.D. in near Eastern Languages and Literatures.




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