"Jesus: He Came for You" Christmas Buttons (Pack of 10)

The Button is Back!

Since the very first AFA Christmas button was introduced, the American Family Association has encouraged Christians to use buttons and wristbands to publicly proclaim that the Christmas season is all about Jesus. Just in time for the 2019 Christmas season, we are bringing back one of our most popular button designs: a crimson button that simply declares, “Jesus: He Came For You.”

These buttons come in packs of 10 – perfectly designed to wear and share! This Christmas season we encourage you to wear a button to share the message of Jesus, and give the rest away to friends, family, neighbors and others you encounter.

2 1/4" Full Color Buttons
Sold in packs of 10

Prices listed below are per 10-pack. Buy 2 or more packs, and save on each pack. See below for explanation of tier pricing. Discounts will be applied in the cart.
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Examples: 2 packs x $10.00 = $20.00  (20 buttons)

                  5 packs x $8.50 = $42.50   (50 buttons)
10 packs x $6.00 = $60.00   (100 buttons)

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