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The Pilgrim's Progress Book

By Steve R. Cleary with Robert Fernandez
Based on the allegory by John Bunyan

For more than 300 years, this epic masterpiece has been enjoyed by young and old alike. Now this classic story has been made into a feature-length animated film. This beautifully illustrated storybook features many of the imaginative scenes, colorful characters, and classic quotes presented in the animated film.

Hardcover; 80 pages

$24.99 $15.00

Covenant Creek Kids: Veterans Day with Granddaddy Meek (Book 3)

Ruined — priceless photographs, precious letters from war, the class project for Veterans Day, and Granddaddy Meek's special presentation to Brennan's class. All ruined by a bully. However, Grandaddy Meek never wastes an opportunity to teach a life lesson. On a suprise trip, Brennan learns the branches of the miliatary, a secrect code used by brave POWs, and how to successfullly battle a bully.

Hardcover; 70 pages

© 2021

Following the Carpenter by Donald E. Wildmon

Following the Carpenter: Parables to Inspire Obedience in the Christian Life
Commemorative Edition

The stories included in Following the Carpenter will help provide you with a clear direction in your walk with the Carpenter, Jesus Christ.

Hardcover in case; 162 pages