Beginning Painting with Barry Stebbing DVD Set

Learn to paint beautiful works of art in your home or classroom.

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Beginning Painting with Barry Stebbing
Learn to paint beautiful works of art in your home or classroom. The Homeschool Channel and How Great Thou Art productions present a new program with artist Barry Stebbing. Beginning Painting is a fun and exciting 6 DVD course for students, young and old. Learn to paint with watercolors, acrylics, and oils. With step by step instructions, your student will have fun learning the basics, as well as special tips to help those projects really stand out. With Beginning Painting students enjoy creating masterpieces such as an iris, a landscape, still life, and Monet''s Lily Pond. For these one of a kind DVDs, with 10 hours of instruction, order Beginning Painting for your aspiring artist today. 


Beginning Watercolors
This delightful course will lead the student into beginning steps of watercolor painting.  We start with inspiring, basic lessons using a wet brush and water-soluble markers, and then continue on to more fundamental lessons using watercolors.
Session 1 - 46 minutes
Session 2 - 92 minutes
Session 3 - 69 minutes

Beginning Acrylics
This course introduces the student to acrylic paints with 8 educational lessons including making a color chart, painting with tones, impressionistic painting & much more!  Learn specifics such as how to hold a brush, mixing colors, keeping a palette and painting with control.
Session 1 - 50 minutes
Session 2 - 32 minutes
Session 3 - 28 minutes
Session 4 - 27 minutes
Session 5 - 19 minutes
Session 6 - 15 minutes
Session 7 - 29 minutes
Session 8 - 02 minutes


Beginning Oil Painting
Follow along on a simple and educational journey in Beginning Oil Painting.  This course will discuss materials needed, various techniques and pointers, and step-by-step instructions in completing 5 delightful oil paintings.

*oil painting recommended for ages 10 & up.
Session 1 - 83 minutes
Session 2 - 28 minutes
Session 3 - 33 minutes
Session 4 - 51 minutes
Session 5 - 42 minutes
Session 6 - 43 minutes


Barry Stebbing has been an artist and educator for many years, instructing students in beginning drawing and painting throughout North America.  It is now estimated that he has personally instructed over 60,000 students.


6 DVD Set
Recommended for Ages 5 and up


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