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The God Who Speaks On Demand

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Rental Period: 30 days
Approximate Runtime: 91 minutes

The God Who Speaks: Sunday School Kit

The God Who Speaks: Sunday School Kit is an 8-week video study that explores the topics of biblical authority and reliability using never-before-seen footage from the documentary The God Who Speaks. Guided by director M.D. Perkins, the Sunday School Kit is intended to be a helpful resource in strengthening our confidence in the authority of God’s Word.

Kit Includes:
  • 8 Video Sessions - approximately 30 minutes each
  • Suggested discussion questions
  • Historical Timeline

    (The God Who Speaks: Sunday School Kit does not require The God Who Speaks Site License).
  • As low as $18.74

    Cultural Institute: Financial Preparation for Uncertain Times with Dan Celia

    We live in uncertain times. As stewards of the gifts God has given us we need to know how to navigate these unstable economic waters.

    Approximate Runtime: 46 minutes
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Life is A Civil Right with Dr. Alveda King

    America has a new front in the battle for civil rights – the right to live.

    approximate runtime: 29 minutes
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Parenting Teenagers with John Rosemond

    The teenage years are well known for being a time of difficulty and conflict between parent and child. The teenager has a new desire for the privileges of adulthood, but must first learn the responsibilities of adulthood.

    approximate runtime: 52 minutes
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Parenting Through Proper Discipline with John Rosemond

    Join John Rosemond as he instructs parents in the area of wise discipline.

    approximate runtime: 37 minutes
    As low as $3.99