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Cultural Institute: Life is A Civil Right with Dr. Alveda King

America has a new front in the battle for civil rights – the right to live. Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., explores the issue of abortion and related topics with the Biblical perspective she received growing up under the influence of her uncle. In a day when the value of human life is in decline, these truths reaffirm the worth of all who are created in the image of God.

approximate runtime: 29 minutes
As low as $3.99

Cultural Institute: Parenting Teenagers with John Rosemond

The teenage years are well known for being a time of difficulty and conflict between parent and child. The teenager has a new desire for the privileges of adulthood, but must first learn the responsibilities of adulthood. In Parenting Teenagers, John Rosemond describes the teenager's desire for freedom and the parents' desire for responsible behavior, and how to achieve balance in a God honoring way.

This Disc Includes:
  • Tips on balancing freedom with restrictions
  • The proper way of asserting parental authority
  • How to set your teenager on the path to responsible adulthood
  • Discussion questions.

    approximate runtime: 52 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Parenting Through Proper Discipline with John Rosemond

  • The Rules of Consequences
  • How to get permanent results from discipline
  • How to deal with a difficult child
  • Discussion questions included.

    approximate runtime: 37 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Race in America with Dr. Alveda King

    Race in America with Dr. Alveda King
    As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Reaching Muslims with the Gospel with Dr. James White

    It can be a challenge to share the gospel with people of other faiths and beliefs, especially those who practice Islam. Author and professor Dr. James White offers critical insight into the beliefs and history of Islam with a heart to bridge the misunderstanding and lack of communication in order to better relate the gospel to Muslims. Once Christians understand the barriers between Muslims and Christianity, they will be better prepared to meet their objections and point them to true salvation in Christ.

  • What Muslims believe about Jesus and Christians
  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • The main arguments Muslims use against Christianity

    approximate runtime: 67 minutes
  • As low as $3.99

    Cultural Institute: Surviving Government Economic Policies with Dan Celia

    When it comes to the economy, our government seems to be out of control. The national debt is through the roof, there is no accountability for governmental spending, and no one has any idea what consequences we’re facing as a nation. In this helpful talk, Dan Celia outlines the failed government policies that brought us to this point and how we as Christians can get out and engage the culture to change its course for good.

    This disc includes:
  • A detailed explanation of our economic problem
  • An outline of failed government policies
  • A call to action for Christians to step up and make their voice heard

    Approximate Runtime: 80 minutes
  • As low as $3.99