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Cultural Institute: David Butts Prayer Series

This two volume set features teaching by David Butts on the topics of prayer and revival.

Volume 1: The Gift of Prayer
Volume 2: Revive Us Again
As low as $3.99

Cultural Institute: Dr. Joe McKeever's Grief Series

In these two volumes, Joe McKeever candidly shares his journey through grief following the death of his wife and provides practical advice for reaching out to those who are grieving.

Volume 1: Living with Grief – A Widower's Journey
Volume 2: Beyond Good Intentions – How to Help the Greiving

Volumes sold separately.
As low as $3.99

Cultural Institute: The Bible and Homosexuality Series

There is great disagreement within the modern Church on how important the bible is to an understanding of homosexuality. In these two videos, Dr. Robert Gagnon examined the foundational issues and texts that should form the basis of a Christian’s approach to the issue and explores the Creation narrative and reveals the moral bedrock of marriage and sexual ethics.
As low as $3.99

Cultural Institute: The Freedom of Sexual Purity DVD with Dr. Michael Brown

An untold number of lives have been ruined through the lies of the sexual revolution. What was promised as freedom has turned out to be a new kind of bondage.
The Freedom of Sexual Purity - In this video, Dr. Michael Brown shows why the promises of the sexual revolution will never satisfy the human heart. He challenges men and women to consider the destructive consequences of their actions and offers hope for those trapped in the downward spiral of sexual immorality.
As low as $5.00

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 5: The Three Ring Disaster

Ryan goes undercover at the circus to find Kackle the Clown and learns the importance of true joy.

As low as $3.99

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent - Episode 6: The Towering Turkey

Ryan faces an evil granny with some exploding Christmas turkeys and learns that when it comes to being patient with others, keeping your cool isn’t as easy as it sounds.

As low as $3.99