A Cry From Iran DVD

A Cry from Iran DVD
The Untold Story of Iranian Christian Martyrs

A Cry From Iran is an award-winning, expertly documented true story, that includes hidden camera footage filmed in Iran during the actual events.

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In Iran in 1993, an Islamic judge condemned a zealous Christian convert and issued an official death sentence to Mehdi Dibaj, a man already imprisoned for 10 years. His only crime was apostasy…converting from Islam to Christianity.


Haik Hovsepian, the leader of Evangelical Christians in Iran chose to speak out and launch an international campaign for Dibaj’s sentence to be overturned.

Haik, at peril to his own life, releases the document and launches an international campaign to bring an end to the civil rights violations of the Iranian Islamic courts. Haik’s campaign was successful as the International pressure mounts, and the Iranian government is forced to release Dibaj a few days before his execution date. But there is a price to pay…On January 19, 1994 Bishop Haik Hovsepian disappeared. Twelve days later his corpse was identified by his son.

The body had been stabbed 26 times. He was not the last to be martyred. Since then several other Christians have been brutally tortured and put to death. This is the untold story of their sacrifices, courage, commitment and faith.

A Cry From Iran is an award-winning, expertly documented true story, that includes hidden camera footage filmed in Iran during the actual events. It has inspired viewers from all backgrounds. Special Features include: a closer look at Haik’s life; Martyr Haik’s Songs; A Conversation with Haik’s Family; and Martyrdom, Iran and the Bible.


closed caption:No


Languages:English, Spanish


Runtime: 54 minutes
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