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Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible by Lisette Bassett-Brody

Etched in Stone is a quick, easy guide to archeological proofs to bolster one’s faith and encourage believers of all ages.

Paperback, 272 pages

American Family Coffee Deluxe Sampler Pack

The American Family Coffee Deluxe Sampler Pack includes one 2 ounce pack of five of our most popular coffees: two unflavored, two flavored, and one seasonal flavor

Sampler Includes
  • Morning Blend (Origin: Africa, Central America, South America), medium roast
  • Freedom (Origin: Tanzania), medium roast
  • Honor (French vanilla)
  • Joy (Caribbean cocoa)
  • Trust (blueberry cobbler)
  • $11.00

    The Pop Up Pastor by Kevin McHann

    If you are in ministry, or desire to be, and find yourself trying to be everywhere, for everything, for everyone every time, you may be "The Pop Up Pastor".

    This book is intended to help inform, lead, and encourage those either entering ministry or those who are struggling to find balance in ministry. It is designed to help ministers and leaders recognize the traps of overcommitting, lack of delegation, and people-pleasing snares.

    Forward by AFA Senior Vice President, Buddy Smith.

    (Soft cover, 124 pages)

    Cultural Institute: A Biblical Case for Cultural Engagement DVD with Abraham Hamilton III

    Shipping Alert: This product is currently back ordered and is expected to be back in stock approximately July 9.

    Christians have a unique calling to be salt and light in the world. But should this be limited only to the proclamation of the gospel?

    In The Biblical Case for Cultural Engagement, Abraham Hamilton III walks us through the Scriptures to examine the ways God has called every believer to be a cultivating force in the beliefs, pursuits, and practices of society.
    As low as $5.00

    Under God by Joyful Noise Quartet

    From "Farther Along" to "Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored", this recording includes old and new southern gospel favorites.

    Under God was produced and engineered by AFA's American Family Studios and features AFA executive vice president Buddy Smith singing baritone.

    (For complete song list, see below.)
    As low as $4.99

    The God You Thought You Knew (audiobook) by Alex McFarland

    Instead of proofs for God's existence, what we really need are compelling reasons to want to know Him, and those reasons may be more personal that we sometimes realize. Through sharing his own story, author and speaker Alex McFarland shows how the God you thought you know actually cares about you, even when you feel rejected and lonely. It's time to replace the half-truths and lies we believe about ourselves with His overwhelming love and forgiveness.

    5 Discs
    Listening Time: approximately 5 hours

    Exploring the Word: Genesis–Creation, Judgement, Redemption

    Creation, Judgment, Redemption
    God’s beginning for History. God’s beginning for You.

    Who did Cain marry?
    Who were the “giants” in Genesis 6:4?
    Does the Abrahamic Covenant affect Christians today?

    Hosts of American Family Radio's Exploring the Word, Bert Harper and Alex McFarland discuss these and other questions in this study of Genesis.

    8 audio CDs, approx. 1 hour each

    The God Who Speaks - 5 Pack

    Shipping Alert: This product is currently back ordered and is expected to be back in stock approximately June 25.

    As low as $10.00

    The Old Testament and New Testament Commentary Set by Dr. Rayburn McLeod

    After decades of teaching Sunday School, Dr. McLeod's extensive collection of notes and insights on the Bible has been complied into a two-volume, 1,500+ page layman's commentary set covering all 66 books of the Bible.

    These commentaries includes a simple, straight-forward summary of each chapter of the Bible with notes and observations designed to to enhance the reader's understanding of scripture.

    Sold individually or as a set. Purchase both The Old Testament: A Laymen's Commentary and The New Testament: A Laymen's Commentary and save $35.00 at checkout.
    As low as $95.00

    Trivia Friday T-Shirt

    One of the most popular shows on American Family Radio is Trivia Friday–heard on AFR from 10:05 to 11:30 central. Tim Wildmon, J.J. (the pride of Owensboro, Kentucky) Jasper and Ed Vitagliano strive to make you a better person by filling your mind with the world of trivia.

    Available in sizes S-5X (2X-5X +$2.00).