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The Pilgrim's Progress Book

By Steve R. Cleary with Robert Fernandez
Based on the allegory by John Bunyan

Undoubtedly, John Bunyan's classic The Pilgrim's Progress is considered one of the most influential books of all time.

This whimsical allegory follows the adventures of a man name Christian, who after discovering a book and, subsequently a great burden growing on his back, journeys beyond the forbidden borders of his home in search of the Celestial City and its King.

For more than 300 years, this epic masterpiece has been enjoyed by young and old alike. Now this classic story has been made into a feature-length animated film. This beautifully illustrated storybook features many of the imaginative scenes, colorful characters, and classic quotes presented in the animated film.

Hardcover; 80 pages
$24.99 $16.99

AFR Prayer Journal

The AFR Prayer Journal is perfect for writing down prayer requests, jotting down observations from your personal Bible study, or for taking sermon notes.

80 doubled-sided, lined pages; Hardcover; AFR logo imprinted on the front cover

"20 Prayers for 2020" Prayer Guide (10 pack)

The year 2020 promises to be a critical one in the life of our nation. In addition to electing our next president, issues are at stake that could either fortify or destroy the moral and cultural foundation of America.

That’s why AFA is calling Christians to make the first weeks of 2020 a special season of prayer. To guide you in this endeavor, we have created a 20-day prayer guide drawn from Matthew Henry’s (1662-1714) classic guide A Method of Prayer that assists Christians in using the words and precepts of Scripture to shape their prayer life.

We encourage you to share these prayer guides with Bible study groups, Sunday school classes, or include in your church bulletin. These are just a few ways to share with family and friends and come together to pray for our nation.

Packaged in quantities of 10.
As low as $6.50

American Family Coffee Faithful

NEW to the AFA Store!

Made from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans, Faithful is a light roast with a mild body.
  • Smooth with bright citrus notes
  • Recommended for hot and cold brews.

    Available: 12 oz
    Ground or Whole Bean
  • $11.00

    Station Listing Brochure (Bundle of 50)

    Bundle of 50 brochures lists all AFR stations and their locations, call letters, and frequencies.

    Price listed helps offset shipping expenses.

    This item may ship separately.

    AFA Mission Card (Bundle of 50)

    Bundle of 50 Cards

    We know you love AFA and the ministry of AFR. Now you can hand out this colorful and easy to understand card to others as share the mission and purpose of AFA. The front of the card contains the Mission of AFA while the back explains the origin of AFA as well as a five-part action statement.

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    Grow Your Voice AFR Station Sticker

    Spread the word about AFR with a sticker advertising your local AFR station frequency. This 4"x3" clear vinyl sticker adheres to the outside of your vehicle window, and the bold lettering displays the frequency of your local station.

    Available Frequencies
  • 88.3
  • 89.9
  • 90.5

    This item may ship separately.
  • $3.00

    American Family Coffee Devotion

    Winter Seasonal Coffee available for a limited time

    Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee This mild coffee has a Brazilian base with sweet flavors of chocolate and raspberry.

    Available: 12 oz or 5 lb
    Ground only.

    Engage T-Shirt

    Engage TShirt

    AFR 12 oz 3-in-1 Titanium Tumbler

    Engraved with the AFR logo, this attractive titanium Tumbler serves as a tumbler, 12 oz can cooler and bottle cooler. The stainless steel dual wall tumbler is copper lined with a vacuum insulated liner and will keep contents hot or cold for hours. Remove the lid, add a soda can or bottle and screw on the black can/bottle ring to keep your beverage cold.

    Hand wash only.