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Biblical Foundations of Government DVD set

Shipped to US Addresses Only

Building on the American Heritage Series 6 DVD set

David Barton''s American Heritage Sequel!
$59.95 $44.99

Curriculum Advice - Volume 1 CD

Homeschooling. Lots of families have done it. But can you do it? How hard is it? What does it actually look like? How do I know if I''m on the right track for success?

Curriculum Advice - Volume 2 CD

Curriculum catalogs tell homeschooling parents to choose from a confusing array of 25,000 products. Government educators say, "don''t even try homeschooling unless you use our multi-million dollar curriculum."

Fathers of Vision DVD Set

As our speakers equip fathers with the vision to be who God called them to be, mothers and children will simultaneously learn how to support one another toward this vision.

Footprints In Creation DVD

Join Ken Ham as he unravels the biblical account of our beginnings and discusses its importance in educating our children.