Cultural Institute: Understanding the Dangers of 'Gay Christianity' with M.D Perkins

Over the past 50 years, the influence of LGBT ideology has slowly, yet steadily, begun to shift the way Christians think and talk about homosexuality.

Approximate Runtime: 53 minutes
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Christians today find themselves on the brink of shipwreck, and many do not even realize it. Whether it is debates about the Bible's teachings on the subject, the nature of homosexual orientation, or the way churches should be "accepting and inclusive," Christians are constantly being pressued to accept the current dogma. Yet God has called us to be sober-minded and watchful, not taken captive by philosophy. In this session, M.D. Perkins gives a detailed explaination of what "gay Christianity" is and why it poses a serious threat to the church.

Topics Discussed In This Presentation:

  • How the subtle language of "gay Christianity" leads people astray
  • Principles of discernment to decipher truth from error
  • How to stand boldly for the truth in your own church or denomination


About M.D. Perkins:

M.D. Perkins is AFA's research fellow for church and cultrure as well as a noted film producer with American Family Studios. He has produced the documentaries In His Image (2020) and The God Who Speaks (2018). His first book on the subject of "gay Christianity" is set to release in 2021. M.D. lives in Tupelo, Mississippi, with his wife Betsy and their three children.

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