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Cultural Institute: The Political and Cultural Engagement of the Believer with Dr. Robert Jeffress

Can we delay the collapse of the United States?

American leadership has decided that prayer in schools is wrong, murdering unborn babies is acceptable, and biblical marriage is no longer valuable. In this edition of AFA's Cultural institute series, Dr. Robert Jeffress sheds light on the decay of America through the destruction of its key foundational components while offering encouragement on how Christians can move forward and be light in a dark world.

This disc includes:
  • Why America's collapse is inevitable
  • Three Supreme Court decisions that are contributing to the collapse of America
  • How Christians can delay this collapse

    Approximate Runtime: 33 minutes
  • As low as $5.00

    In His Image (2 DVD set)

    In His Image is a critical and urgent message designed to equip the church to answer culturally controversial questions about gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective. Every church in America is filled with hurting people asking these tough questions: Can you be gay and be a Christian? What if someone genuinely feels trapped in the wrong body? Did God make me this way? Is change even possible?

    In His Image presents much-needed truth with compassion and clarity through powerful personal testimonies, careful Bible teaching, and scientific evidence.

    This two-disc set includes the feature-length documentary and over three hours of bonus content, including deleted scenes, extended interviews, and biblical answers to commonly asked questions.

    Documentary Runtime: approx. 104 minutes

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    $18.99 $14.99