Hard Truths Devotional Book by Meeke Addison

Hard Truths Devotional Book by Meeke Addison

Hard Truths Devotional Book by Meeke Addison

Can our heart delight in hard truths?  

Our dramatically secular culture promotes popular preachers and soft approaches to moral absolutes.  As a result, many professing Christians run dramatically toward the Jesus who fills us with bread in the form of money, cars, or our best life now.  But at the very moment Jesus presents Himself as the Bread, we turn away, refusing to be satisfied with anything less than what our flesh can feel.  What if we meditated on the sobering truths of God's Word instead of the pervasive feel-good musings that delight our flesh?  What if, in so doing we returned to following the God who created us rather than the god we've created?

What people are saying about this book:

"We've watched for decades as the culture has shifted away from moral absolutes.  Many Christians in their attempt to push back against pervasive relativism have grown weary.  We must not grow weary.  Now is the time for the Church to double-down on what we believe and now more than ever, we must stand on the hard truths found in the Word of God.  Meeke understands the call of this hour and responds daily on the front lines of the culture war.  The fight is far from over.  As you read Hard Truths, you will be challenged, encouraged, and recharged for battle."  Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association


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